Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Integration of E-libraries and Audience Response Systems in the Society

The arrival of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices has given birth to newer potentials available in our society these days, and now this comprise the book-less library and technologically improved audience response systems. Moreover, in the fall of 2013, the Bexar County of San Antonio will be the new home of the “Biblio Tech”. This will become America’s first ever public library that will have no books. Hence, the books that you will find are not books you can physically hold, but actually e-books.

The fact is the library is more than four thousand square feet in space, and is a modern design. This was the idea of Bexar County’s judge, Nelson Wolff. He got the encouragement after reading Steve Jobs’ biography, written by Walter Issacson, as reported by ABC News. Moreover, you will only need gadgets and computers instead of having loads of books. The place will consist of 100 e-readers as a start, which can be taken out of course; and fifty e-readers for kids, fifty personal computers, twenty five tablets and twenty five laptops on the other hand.

Moreover, the new technological transformation in our society is foreseeable; even those people who are big fans of hardcover books, have now renowned that e-books will be one of the best ways to bring a new kind of service to the community. In fact, people will simply go to the library and they can take the e-books for a particular duration or they can likewise bring their own e-reader and load it onto their device with no trouble. Furthermore, the library has plans to collaborate with companies creating e-books, to let people to access more than ten thousand e-books. On the other hand, they wish to include more to the collection in a yearly basis. But the place will not be completely paperless because if the readers want to have copies printed they can do so at the library by just simply requesting it.

One more device that has turned into a widespread feature in our communities is the audience response keypads, and it is part of a complete audience response system. An audience response system is also more popularly known as “clickers.” It is a complete set up with keypads, base stations and the software. It lets you survey answers automatically with just one click. This device has become advantageous in the classroom use as well as company events because it certainly help speed up the process of the interactive meetings and events. However, in the classroom setting, the ARS is more commonly known also as student response systems.

One of the newest keypads available in the market these days is the Powercom’s Ativa keypad. It is a colored touch screen keypad. It consists of an LCD screen where you can see the questions and click your chosen answers. It has a smartcard reader as well where you can enter your questions, and you can merely insert it for self-paced testing. Basically this keypad looks like a smartphone. It has a power off and on button, and uses the lithium Polymer battery which will last for two years and it is rechargeable. Some of the practical applications of the Ativa keypad are mock jury, surveys and self paced testing. Furthermore, Powercom gives a free online demo for any interested customers and anyone interested can also email them at sales(at)powercomars.com.

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