Martes, Mayo 22, 2012

Powercom RF2 - Bringing You to Superior Interactive Presentation

 Powercom struggles to convey presentation to its best through its increase of advancement and excellent quality of wireless keypads, which basically made the company received various awards from the business of communication. Through the use of Powercom’s audience response solution keypads, Enhanced and Interactive presentation are significantly gained.

Finally, Powercome is now very proud to present Powercom RF2, its new and most sophisticated audience response system keypads with high-grade features and unbelievable wireless functioning system. The research and improvement of it started in 2007 when PowerCom was the first software business to collaborate with Fleetwood to developed Reply’s first multi-selection and multi-digit keypad. Since

Powercom’s continues to develop remarkable interactive presentation. Moreover, Powercom RF2 is considered as the 4th generation of the advance reply plus keypads and it likewise comes with many prominent features. In fact, Powercom continues to develop the features of its audience response solution keypads while collaborating with its other partners like Fleetwood engineers, to get better wireless keypads for everyone to take advantage. Currently, it is more than proud to specify its top-rating features.

  • This system has most positive text messaging and even non-compulsory storing of text messages on its keypad’s memory. 

  • This system has its self-place testing feature that does not need any external devices. Self paced testing basically works in two different ways 

  1. First, Online mode will permit the transport of results to the base station and present it directly on the Powercom’s screen.
  2. Secondly, Offline mode will allow the storing of voting results from the keypad’s memory so that it can access for later utilization. 

  • Basically, the base station of Powercom’s RF2 can be used for the RF1 keypads. It will permit any actions to use both RF1 and RF2 keypads with only one base station. 

  • Moreover, it basically comes with an easy to use Human Interface Device (HID) which is surely suited for USB base station and will, of course, allow a user to directly use it without requiring any USB user downloader. 

Furthermore, there are in fact many other features which you can use with Powercom RF2. You could learn more about it from the link below.

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